From: Alan T on
I have created a scheduled task successfully programmaticall.
However, there is something wrong in the process. When the scheduled task is
running and stopped, the result was:
I didn't completed the job.

1) If I just run the executable by double click inside Windows Explorer,
it's fine.
2) If I manually created the scheduled task, it was running without problem.

So I think I might missed some import properties of the task without setting

What I found was the task created by my code has no "Start in".
ie. right click the task, select Properties, the Start in box was empty, I
think that's the problem.
Because I tried to manually create a task without specifying the Start in,
it gave me the same result:

From: Oliver Sturm on
Hello Alan,

Unless somebody comes forward with an offhand idea, it might help you to
post the code you use, so others can reproduce your problem and try to
come up with a solution.

Oliver Sturm