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Scientists have developed the Artificial Brain. The brain is made
from a soft plastic, computer chips, and strands of metal foil
embedded in liquid silicone polymer. The brain has been developed to
replace the brain in humans and was tested on animals with excellent
success. The core of this brain consists of an Intel processor and is
running Microsoft Windows Vista for signal processing and bodily organ

Each brain is powered by solar panels and a Duracell lithium battery
pack, which is intended to last for ten years. The most useful aspect
of this brain, is that it does not require a blood supply to function.
This eliminates any chances of the person having a stroke or other
problems associated from a lack of proper blood supply to the brain.

Using this artificial brain, a portable and removable keyboard for
programming, it's believed that the human life expectancy can be
extended by 25%. Combined with an artificial heart and other organ
assists, humans may be able to live for 200 years or more by the year

Two problems associated with this brain are that the receiver of this
brain seems to crave eating the plastic packaging found on most food
items these days. The other problem is the fear that Microsoft will
stop supporting Windows Vista before the brain is fully developed and
working in the head of humans. It's already noted that the operating
system core of this brain is not upgradable, and will require complete
replacement, which is not only costly, but risky to the recipient. To
complicate matters more, it may take an additional twenty to thirty
years to adapt another operating system to make the brain compatible
with both the upgraded operating system as well as the body of the

At the present rate of upgrades coming from Microsoft, it's feared
that the artificial brain may never be finished or usable for many
centuries, or possibly never, because every upgrade from Microsoft
will require years and hundreds of man hours to reset it to work with
the new operating system, while retaining the stability and control
suited to the human body.

Robert Welsh Jr.
CEO for American Science