From: James Morris on
On Tue, 23 Feb 2010, wzt.wzt(a) wrote:

> Enhance the security framework to support resetting the active security
> module. This eliminates the need for direct use of the security_ops and
> default_security_ops variables outside of security.c, so make security_ops
> and default_security_ops static. Also remove the secondary_ops variable as
> a cleanup since there is no use for that. secondary_ops was originally used by
> SELinux to call the "secondary" security module (capability or dummy),
> but that was replaced by direct calls to capability and the only
> remaining use is to save and restore the original security ops pointer
> value if SELinux is disabled by early userspace based on /etc/selinux/config.
> Further, if we support this directly in the security framework, then we can
> just use &default_security_ops for this purpose since that is now available.
> Signed-off-by: Zhitong Wang <zhitong.wangzt(a)>

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James Morris
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