From: Steve L. on
Hey guys.
I've decided I'm selling everything so I don't have to move it.
Some things I have are:

MOTU 1296 with the 424pci-e card
UAD2 quad Nevana 128
Grace m201 mic pre .. has mid side capability
Great River MP1NV mic pre.. you'll love it.. has the rack ears too
Taylor 710-ce cedar top acoustic with electronics. Sounds great.

and another 15000 worth of stuff .. everything goes.. guitars, amps,
monitors, cables, effects etc.. everything.
I'm making a complete list.
If you're wanting to buy everything I'll discount. this stuff would make
a great home studio for somebody who has nothing but cash to start out

Well .. if your interested email me @

steve at almanorDON'tCOPYTHISPARTSTUPIDbuildersdotcom
and I'll email you the list with prices when I get it finished.

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