From: Jackie L on
I have a client who is using an Access application where they sometimes, when
previewing a report, will click on File - Send to - Mail Recipient (as
attachment). The first instance will send correctly. If they attempt to
send another report (without first exiting the application), they get The
Operation Failed error.

It does not matter the file type they pick and they do not have a problem
when a report is sent via Visual Basic with an Outlook_SendEmail module and
code. Unfortunately, there is no set report which they send this way so it
is not possible to consider adding code for this.

Has anyone seen this? It happens if they are running Access 2007 or 2003
and Outlook 2007 or 2003. They are running through a Citrix connection
either from the desktop or an application icon. This issue just came up in
the last month.

Thanks for your help,
Jackie L