From: Lars Uffmann on
Disclaimer: Sorry for the X-Post, F'Up set to comp.unix.misc

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what kind of software solutions exist out there in the
wild that allow the following setup:

Set up an Email address as a "role" for a group of people, in the way that:

1) Emails *To* that role-address get distributed to everyone who is
associated with the role (the mailing list part)

1a) (desirable) the distributed emails still get stored on a mailserver
for the role-address

2) Emails can still be sent *From* the role-address by anyone associated
with that role. As a backup solution, Emails can be sent on behalf of
the role-address by anyone associated with the role (From: mailing-list,
Sender: associated-person)

As simple as that. Ideally, this should work with a software allowing a
webmail interface to send mails from the role-address.

I am currently facing a situation where our companies IT department only
gives us a very bad selection of choices:

All of them involve using a functional mail account (the role email address)

a) configure forwarding for everyone associated with the role
disadvantage: the mail is forwarded as an attachment, the sender
(from:) is the role's email-address

b) configure "re-routing" for everyone associated with the role
disadvantage: exchange server (yes, they use that :/) replaces all
original recipients of the mail with the associated users of the role
(and also removes CC-Field) - so you cannot see who was on the original
distribution list until you access the role's inbox

c) use Outlook on every single computer that needs to send emails on
behalf of that address, and configure the role's mail address on every
single computer
disadvantage: added security issues, Microsoft, and otherwise not
needed software slowing down production systems

So - I am very sure there are solutions for this problem out there in
the wild, I just don't know about them yet and couldn't come up with the
right search expressions. I hope that someone here already knows one of
the products that can be configured to do exactly this, and can point me
in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!