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i appreciate the help, but i've tried all that already. i got another answer
from someone else on a different newsgroup though that i'm going to try out
but thanks anyway

"sandy58" wrote:

> On May 28, 2:35 am, dougjk <dou...(a)> wrote:
> > i swear, this is a tough one. a while back when this was still my parents
> > computer (they got it back in '07 w/ Windows XP professional SP2 [now its XP
> > pro SP3]). well just last year (sometime back in early or mid 2009) their
> > appearance for Windows and buttons (under appearance tab in Display
> > properties) went to classic view and got stuck there. now it's our computer
> > and it's doing that automatically to all the user accounts when someone 1st
> > makes one. I hadn't tried a system restore b/c it only goes back to feb 2010
> > and we just got this computer up & running again (remember i said its been
> > stuck in classic view since early [or mid] 2009) also I don't wanna do much
> > until my mom is done w/ all her files & stuff moving them to their other
> > computer and backing them up. we also tried backing up all our files &
> > deleting the other user accounts (don't worry their in flash drives we can
> > put them back later when we recreate our user accounts) but anyway with that
> > I also switched to classic logon (because than when you logout it usually
> > should go back to Windows XP default look. it actually didn't. but not
> > Windows Classic either. its actually kinda like both so idk what else to do i
> > need someone very smart at this to help me fix the appearance prob plz. i
> > need advice. and i don't have the Windows XP professional disk and do not
> > feel like making another 1 because pirating is illegal and i don't go down
> > that road. sorry but I just don't like classic view and the fact that its
> > stuck is a problem. i wasn't sure but i did this because my parents said we
> > could now that its ours so i removed a program on here called "webshots"
> > because even though i kinda doubted it i thought that might be part of the
> > problem. i wonder now b/c it's still active on my computer but says it's
> > uninstalled already when i try to uninstall it. if you wanna help me fully
> > uninstall that also thats fine but i also already removed the "kiwee" stuff
> > that went with it. The only thing I can think of is pressing F8 at startup
> > and selecting "last known good configuration" but again i need to wait and
> > i'm not sure if that would work. plus if it does theres some programs i'm
> > pretty sure we might not have discs for.
> >
> > Additional Details
> > list of programs that i'm worried about from above: bonjour, cleanup,
> > hijackthis, Intel RSX 3d, ipix active x viewer, all the microsoft .net stuff,
> > microsoft compression client pack for WIndows XP, microsoft usermode driver
> > framework feature pack 1.0 (which may go with the fear of losing my drivers
> > for scanner, printer, etc), all the microsoft visual C++ 2008 redistributable
> > software, realtek AC'97 audio software, shockwave software, via platform
> > device manager, via rhine- family software, and via s3g display driver (also
> > might go with the fear of losing my drivers for scanner, printer, etc)
> > also a heads up i'm not even sure what a lot of this is/does and etc
> >
> > don't worry i have some pics in on flickr pics if any1 is confused:
> > ya, i also commented on most (if not all) of the pics too
> >
> > plz don't answer with its just looks, it don't matter, etc. & plz leave
> > serious answers only this is important to me
> Start>control panel>display>desktop> either choose any on left side or
> "browse" for your own.
> Or "themes" with same choices ie:choose from drop-down or "browse" for
> your own pics/themes.
> Good luck.
> .