From: Tim C. on
I am trying to figure out how to set the XY Graph Plot View Y Autoscale based on the values visible NOT based on all the values in the historical arrray.
The goal is to be able to scroll left to right and have the signal centered on the XY chart.  This functionality is desired because my signal
has a wide Y range and simply scrolling left to right I always end up zooming in then back out.
Any help on this would be appreciated
Tim C.
From: altenbach on
Simply turn off autoscaling and set the Y min and max under program control using property nodes.
In your case you could take the array subset of the history data accoding to the x range, then take "array min/max" of the subset to set the y scaling.
From: Tim C. on
I was thinking of what you replied,  BUT will it update the Y min and max if the user uses the PAN graph function, or the Scroll Graph function
If the gaphing viewing functions stop the Y-axis from being updated I was thinking of trying to interface with the scroll bar via a property node but have not had any luck with that either.  Do you know if the program can controll the scroll function, OR do you have to keep adjusting the X Range to get the plot area to get to scroll programatically?
Tim C.