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On Sat, 03 Mar 2007 02:59:54 GMT, "Mardon" <mgb72mgb(a)>

>The more RAM that's installed, the larger Windows makes the paging file, not
>the other way around. By default, the file size equals the installed RAM
>plus 300MB. My paging file is 5418 MB with 5GB RAM installed. Dual 3.6
>Xeon processors.

The size that windows assigns to the paging file is irrelevant. What
matters is how much of that paging file is in use at peak times (max
working set size). Check the '% Usage Peak' field in the 'Paging
File' Object under 'Administrative Tools'|Performance (for XP). Keep
that running while you perform your most memory intensive tasks and
you should see how much of that paging file has actually been used.
Hint, if it is 0 you are wasting 5418 MB of disk space. Unless of
course your memory needs increase at some later time and you need to
do some paging.
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