From: eholz1 on
Hello There,
I have a ppt presentation that I got from someone else. The use for
this ppt is
as a kiosk slide show. All the slides are set for advance on mouse
click only.

The problem is: If I select a slide from the main menu (the first
slide in the ppt).
it navigate to the slide indicated by the hyperlink on the main menu.
This is good.

But.... If the slide that I am viewing has buttons (aka hyperlinks) if
I leave the mouse over the hyperlink, or mouse over the hyperlinks on
the slide (most any slide in this ppt), after a short while, the
slideshow jumps back to the main menu without a mouse click, etc.

Someone said that this app is set to "return to the main menu"
automatically after 5 minutes, assuming no one has clicked or is
clicking a hyperlink. Is there some way to
set timing like this in the kiosk mode? This behavior happens even if
I deselect the kiosk mode. This happens on desktop PCs as well as

I am mystified - Thanks for places to check,