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Andrew Meador wrote:
> On Jun 28, 1:27 pm, "Daave" <da...(a)> wrote:
>> Andrew Meador wrote:
>>> I have an Access databse that references image files in a folder.
>>> There are currently 2700 files in this folder and will reach a total
>>> of appx 10000 files when data collection is done. The one of the
>>> database screens allows the user to double-click the image which then
>>> executes an external program with the path and name of the file to
>>> open. So the external app gets the exact path and file name to open,
>>> but the open process takes about 20 seconds to occure. I can go strait
>>> to the folder where the files are a double click the file and the
>>> application still takes and equally long time to open the file.
>>> However, if in a folder with only a small number of files, the app
>>> opens the image almost instantly. So there appears to be a preformance
>>> issue with opening even an explicit file in a folder with a large
>>> number of files. I know I could split the files over multiple folder
>>> to improve performance, but this require a fair bit of re-coding of
>>> the database and re-trainined of the users, etc... Is there any
>>> performance options beides the multiple folder idea? Why does the
>>> number of files in the folder hind the opening process so badly when
>>> specific file is targeted?
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>> Andrew
>> If you are relying too heavily on the pagefile, adding more RAM will
>> yield a tremendous performance benefit.
>> How much RAM do you have?- Hide quoted text -
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> I think I'm ok there. The system has 2GB RAM with only apx 800MB Total
> Commit Charge (on one test system). My dev computer where I have been
> doing most of my dev work is also doing the same thing and it has 3GB
> or RAM with 1.5GB Total Commit Charge

The problem seems to be with the application rather than the operating
system, what do the vendors of the application have to say about this
latency when opening files? 2,700 files is not really very many files,
nor is 10,000 for that matter, there could be a delay when
opening/reading the folder for the first time, but it should be quick on
subsequent operations.