From: JJ on
JJ wrote:
> Leo Davidson wrote:
> How are you moving the second window? Via a direct call, a posted
> message, a send message, or something else?

That would be via SetWindowPos Windows API.
From: Dee Earley on
On 07/08/2010 15:13, JJ wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to stick a small popup window position on top of another
> larger popup window. Eventhough it works, the movement of the smaller
> window is noticeably sluggish. Meaning that it's very easy to spot that
> the smaller window position is following the larger window.
> Is there any trick to make the position update faster?

I can summarise the replies you've had so far into "post your code".
That will show us exactly how you are handling it, moving the other
window and gives us something we can drop into a test app.

Dee Earley (dee.earley(a)
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From: Leo Davidson on
On Aug 9, 2:20 pm, JJ <jaeju...(a)> wrote:

> I'm using Windows XP in an old 1.6GHz single-core system with classic
> Win95/2000 theme and 1024x768 32-bit screen. This is maybe why you
> didn't notice any lag when moving around application window.


> But I thought the classic theme should be faster than any
> skinned themes?

Windows Vista and Windows 7, when using Aero on suitable hardware,
draw all windows into independent buffers and then "composite" them on
to the screen using the 3D graphics hardware. As well as meaning that
lawyered windows can be blended (etc.) using hardware, it means there
is no repainting of windows under the ones being moved, so things like
this are *much* smoother than in Classic mode.

(There's no "trail" left as you move windows around. It's very
nice. :) Shame that window resizing wasn't improved as well but window
moving is lovely with Vista/7 and a GPU.)