From: JGurtz on

"Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]" wrote:

> Outlook is simply not good at retaining all the headers and, in particular,
> the MIME separators. I don't think Outlook retains all of the information in
> the message store. There's a registry key that may help. See this:
> Here's some VBA code that may help:

There is no problem displaying the full message headers. Neither link
seemed to have any ref. to a reg key that would help. The problem is a
regression when forwarding messages as an attachment in 2010 (this worked
properly in 2003/2007). Look at the example headers in my post as viewed
"on-the wire."

I'm not sure what you mean about not retaining the full message headers
because Outlook does (at least in 2003/2007/2010). It is well known that
forwarding in-line with outlook throws out nearly all headers in the
forwarded message; forwarding as an attachment (the attachment OL creates is
in fact RFC 822 compliant) retains all headers in the attachment (until 2010

Outlook 2010 is throwing out all the custom headers, leaving only
"Recieved:" and other headers as necc. for a minimally compliant RFC 822
message. This occurs also when using programmatic methods, such as COM
add-ins as well at by using the UI.

This is really a frustration for me because I've been working through a
ticket with Cisco (seems they have a bug processing sMIME signed messages).
Now, after upgrading to 2010 I can't even generate a proper submission
because they need their custom headers which are added by the SMTP gateway at
the edge. I will need to go back to 2007 to close that ticket unless there
will be a hotfix out soon.