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Scott Sauyet wrote:

> On Jan 5, 1:47 pm, "Paul Hovnanian P.E." <p...(a)> wrote:
>> Scott Sauyet wrote:
>>> I've never tested to see whether "File > Save Page As" or its
>>> equivalents save some version of the dynamically altered page or the
>>> page as originally sent by the server. Even if the current crop of
>>> browsers all save the dynamic page (and I'd be surprised, honestly), I
>>> don't see that I could count on that behavior.
>> From what I've seen, the original text copy is what is saved. Your JS
>> application modifies the objects that this was parsed into, but the text
>> copy is not modified. There could be a browser out there that does mod
>> the text, but I think that would be the exception.
> Actually, in my testing with FF, the altered page was stored, but when
> I reloaded it, the JS was run again, giving duplicate DOM
> manipulations...

That is why I said you should *rewrite* the document based on *its

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