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> IntoTheFuture(a) says...
>> The internet connection went down for 1 second or so.
>> Then it didn't work...
>> I walk to the cable modem and blow off the dust... and everything works
>> again !
>> So I guess it was just some dust on it ?
> No, it just wanted to get blown.

Yeah maybe it was overheating ?! ;)

Could be... I am not sure... but the following happened as well that day...:

"Web browser hang", "Web browser crashed because I had to shutdown IE".

I had many many webbrowsers open. I started the browser again. The browser
asked if I wanted to restore the sessions. I WAS LIKE "YES I WANT TO RESTORE
THEM REALLY BADLY" because I just spent a lot of time googling them together
! ;):)

The internet connection went into overdrive... refetching all the websites
at once... and apperently the cable modem as well... Lot's of TCP
connections going at it...

So maybe that had something to do with it... (ubee cable modem, it has
openings on top so dust could fell in...)