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> I had a feeling that this might be the case.
> I will proceed with this in mind.

> Vincent

All that said, most of the paying work that I've done with Access since 1993
was Access client apps to an ODBC-compatible server database (for example,
MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server or Sybase SQL Anywhere, or Informix) on a
server. Because the Access front-ends were physically secure (on
workstations in the client's shop) and not exposed to "the world" -- all my
work was "bespoke systems", that is, applications created for a specific
client -- the security provided by the server databases was quite

The clients knew and trusted their employees, those employees had little or
no use for the client-side application anyway, so stealing code or the
application was not a concern.

And, as far as I know, because no "bad guys" could get a copy of the server
DB on their own systems with unlimited time and resource to "break it", none
of my clients ever suffered an exposure of confidential data.

If you are creating an application that you are distributing to users (as
Microsoft does with Office and Windows) or were creating a Web App, then
considerations would be different.

In a few instances, after explanation of the situation, I had clients who
indicated they would like the "extra protection" of having the Access client
secured -- in those cases, I dutifully downloaded the Security Whitepaper
again, and followed the directions _to the letter_ to secure it as best it
could be secured.

Larry Linson, Microsoft Office Access MVP
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