From: "Andy "Krazy" Glew" on
Last Friday I posted to Facebook about how happy I was with my end of
week Seattle to Portland commute. I was only person in the van, so I
plugged in my headset mike and started dictating via Vista's built-in
speech recognition. Sweet! Most productive 4 hour van ride I have yet had.

This Monday morning's commute Portland to Seattle van ride there are 2
other passengers. Sleeping. I don't want to wake them, so I have been
reading USEnet news and Gmail using my pen. Handwriting replies, but
mainly point and click. Useable, but doesn't feel as productive.

Typing this on keyboard. Not as nice as speech. Errors caused by
bouncing of van. Mainly due to ALP pad: van bounces, hand brushes pad,
typing goes astray. I think that I will have to disable ALP pad while
in van, get another pointing device. Wish I had an IBM style pointing
stick. Q: what other non-ALP pointing devices are there, that can be
used in a bouncing van?

Bottom line: for a bouncing van (also, bouncing small commuter planes):

Speech wins, if not annoying others

Pen/handwriting okay

Keyboard maybe

ALPs pad loses


comp.arch relevance: it's the platform, stupid