From: Sherm Pendley on
mike yue <needpassion(a)> writes:

> I am not sure if this is related to the perl script(uses WriteExcel
> module), or related to my MS office excel settings.
> e.g. Here are six cells showing in a spreadsheet:
> 10b1e4 146914
> 10b818 14db80
> 8.054E+33 808c940
> The "8.054E+33" is actually from a string "8054e30" representing a
> memory address, which is definitely not 8.054E+33.
> But all other cells are show correct - that is weird.
> My perl script uses WriteExcel, and the cells are with format which
> only set_align('right').
> Anyone got ideas?

Have you tried prefixing the values in that column with "0x"? If Excel
is determined to interpret them as numbers, that may at least convince
it that they're hexadecimal numbers.


Sherm Pendley <>
Cocoa Developer