From: David Mark on
Ross Boucher wrote:
> On Jan 10, 11:08 pm, RobG <rg...(a)> wrote:
>> On Jan 11, 4:56 pm, Ross Boucher <rbouc...(a)> wrote:
>>>>> I've seen the demos for the 280 north cappucino (same guys). While the
>>>>> code is atrocious, they speak and present well.
>>>> I contacted them about their demos (which were similarly dismal) ages
>>>> ago. They didn't seem to think it was an issue. There seems to be
>>>> something of a disconnect between the public and web personas, perhaps
>>>> that is what raises my hackles.
>>> Just pointing out this error. Sproutcore and Cappuccino have nothing
>>> to do with each other.
>> OK.
>>> Not sure where this "same guys" idea came from.
>>> Also not sure if the rest of these comments are supposed to be about
>>> Cappuccino or about Sproutcore.
>> SproutCore. The only comments specifically about Cappuccino are in
>> that last paragraph.
>> --
>> Rob
> About the demos? I can't recall any conversation we might have had,
> but I'll agree with you. We haven't been keeping them up to date with
> the framework, and we haven't made the time to create more.

What a cop-out. How many "guys" are there? Not one can write a
competent demo? And why should you need to "keep them up to date?" It
sounds as if your framework is in a perpetual state of flux.

And when was it that the demos were impressive? What year and browser(s)?
From: David Mark on
Ross Boucher wrote:
> On Jan 11, 8:49 pm, Garrett Smith <dhtmlkitc...(a)> wrote:
>> The similarities between Sproutcore include influence from Cocoa,
>> compiling javascript, and variables such as:
>> var YES = true,
>> No = false,
>> etc.
> The YES, NO issue isn't worth much discussion.

I'll give you that. Neither is the rest of it (as I noted my review a
year or so back). ;)


>'s a completely inconsequential part of both frameworks.

Well, then lets change the subject to consequences. Post a link to your
DOM or event code. We'll get to the bottom of this thing. :)