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From: "Anne Onime" <anonymous(a)>

| He/she is right. The announcments are ads. Kaspersky, Eset,
| Symantec, and more, release many updates each day. If all
| vendors flood security newsgroups with ads, Usenet will be
| buried in bullshit.

They are not ads. Unlike most anti virus/anti malware that updates extremely regularly,
SpywareBlaster updates sporadically.

Multi-AV -

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"Peter Foldes" <maci252211(a)> wrote in message
> SpywareBlaster updates really sporadically and it does not advertise
> when updated. You are wrong in what you said and Silj is to be
> recommended for advising when it updates.

Perhaps you meant to say "commended"?


Automatic Database Updates

Increase your protection and keep your protection database up-to-date
automatically. SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate works intelligently behind the
scenes to download and apply the latest protection updates. As
lightweight as it is powerful, AutoUpdate runs only occasionally to
check for updates and apply the latest protection, so you're always
up-to-date and normal computer use is unaffected.

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On Sun, 11 Jul 2010 02:50:47 +0200 (CEST), Anne Onime
<anonymous(a)> wrote:

>If all
>vendors flood security newsgroups with ads, Usenet will be
>buried in bullshit.

"Usenet" bus palaidotas nesamone.?
Uhh, patikrinti keleta geru; Usenet grupes.
"Usenet" jau palaidotas nesamone., LOL.

Mano vienintelis klausimas: "Kaip jums sis dalykas rasyti Unicode?

Correct, however, they do not, but as Dave said, "... updates

Same for SBS&D, sporadic updates.
My AV updates several times daily, update notices never appear on
usenet. That would require a usenet group unto itself for each
product that updates daily. By the time a user looked up usenet for
update notices several time a day the user could have spent less time
by pressing the update each time the user signed on to the internet.

Or as I recommend to others, set the program to auto-update daily.



Teisingai, tac(iau jie to nedaro, bet kaip Dave sake.: "... atnaujinti

Same for SBS & D atsitiktinis atnaujinimai.
Mano AV atnaujinimai kelis kartus per diena; atnaujina pranesimus
niekada ant "Usenet". Tai reikalauja priklauso "Usenet" pas save
kiekvienam produktui, kad atnaujinami kasdien. Iki to laiko, kai
vartotojas pamac(iau "Usenet" naujinimo pranesimus keleta; kartu; per
diena; vartotojas gali praleido maziau laiko, paspaudus atnaujinti
kiekviena; karta, kai vartotojas pasirasytas prie interneto.

Arba, kaip as rekomenduoju kitiems, nustatyti programos auto-update
per para;.