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"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in message news:i1b8vh01o6f(a)
> From: "Anne Onime" <anonymous(a)>
> | He/she is right. The announcments are ads. Kaspersky, Eset,
> | Symantec, and more, release many updates each day. If all
> | vendors flood security newsgroups with ads, Usenet will be
> | buried in bullshit.
> They are not ads. Unlike most anti virus/anti malware that updates
> extremely regularly, SpywareBlaster updates sporadically.

You foolish little man. The OP and the replyer are
correct in what they propose. You are so blinded by
your own sense of importance as a self proclaimed
virus expert that you cannot see the truth, even if it
bites your backside. There is *no* valid reason for
*anyone* to post update announcements in Usenet
newsgroups. It is just a shill.

The fact that you are the same fool who supported Zvi
Netiv's constant shills in the anti-virus newsgroups tells
me everything I need to know about you.

I respect Javacool for the free work he performs, and
I have contributed for his efforts years ago, as also
have many others. I do not respect those who think
they are helping him by "promoting" his program with
a worthless Usenet shills posts.

I expect other newsgroup sheep of your persuasion will
disagree, as you did, but that will not change the fact
that you, and they, are fools.

(Forgive my English translation, but I am sure you will
understand what I say, else you are even more a fool
than I think.)