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Hi Peter,

> As Thomas said, you should continue to use VS2008. You can install VS2008
> and VS2010 side-by-side.
Great! and:
- 2012 I use VS2012 (WM<x>), VS2010 (WM7 ), VS2008 (WM6 and older)
- 2014 I use VS2014 (WM<y>),VS2012 (WM<x>), VS2010 (WM7 ), VS2008 (WM6 and
as long as I have to support old, old, old smart devices.
That really sounds like a practible solution to me!


From: Ivan on
On May 29, 11:55 pm, Rainer <Rai...(a)newsgroup.nospam> wrote:
> Hi,
> I still have difficulties to understand why there is now smart device
> development available in VS2010 :-((
> Some of my Projects are vor WM6 and earlier. Must I from now on hold two
> or more IDEs on my Machines to be able to fullfill the needs of my
> company? That su..s!!
> Is there any perspective, that it will be possible to move WM6 projects
> to VS2010 in the near future?
> Regards
> Rainer

I agree that cutting suport for existing mobile platforms from VS2010
seems a little odd (to say the least). We have been developing for
industrial controllers using CE6.0 and this is not supported in VS2010
anymore.... In fact anytning that has to do with the .NET CF is not
supported. The only thing remotely similar will be support for Windows
Phone 7 - something which is quite different from the WinCE, and to me
quite frankly looks like a quite overdue attempt to immitate Apple.
One possibility is that MS is trying to "split the market" and "herd"
all device developers towards Windows Embedded XP or WES7 for the
larger devices, and Windows Phone 7 for the smaller devices, but for
many of us this won't be feasible... Bottom line is that currently I
cannot develop for Windows CE 6.0, or Windows Compact 7 or whatever,
and to me VS 2010 is useless.... Unless there is no plug-in support in
near future, I can bet you that MS will lose big in this market. You
can see also:

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From: Ivan on
On Jun 1, 4:32 pm, Arun <arunkumarselva...(a)> wrote:
> FYI.


From this (fairly vague) article I can distill the following: Windows
Embedded Business (WEB) means Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows
Embedded Compact 7, all dedicated to non-phone devices. On on the
other side , the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) means Windows
Phone 7....
There is no anything about tools for these platforms - I assume there
will be plugins for VS2010, or, we will still need to use VS2008 (or
2005 for platform builder?) They supposedly just released the CTP for
Compact 7.... Will see....
From: Thomas Scheidegger on
> There is no anything about tools for these platforms

watch for TechEd next week:

"WEM307 | Windows Embedded Compact: New Tools and Developer Story"

Thomas Scheidegger - 'NETMaster'