From: Sniper on

"vseawitch" wrote:

> I'm really not sure what newsgroup this would fall under!
> I shut down my computer yesterday,and for some reason the monitor went into
> sleep mode when it woke up,and my computer came back on, I had a small blue
> rectangle box on my screen,which seems to be on top of everything my mouse
> can go under it but not over it.
> It contains the following SH770 P001
> AU M170EN05
> any Ideas how to get rid of this?

I had the same exact problem i tryed using my buttons on my moniter with no
success so i shut it off and turned it back on and it worked fine.....but i
do have a probolem with it it has a green light with the power button and
when it's suppost to go to sleep it goes orange and when i turn it back on
from off it blinks and takes forever to turn on... any suggestions as to why
or what i can to to fix the problem??