From: Mihai N. on

> std::vector< TCHAR > szBuf( 64*1024 );
> TCHAR * pszBuf = &szBuf[0];

CString str;
TCHAR * pszBuf = str.GetBuffer( 64*1024 );
// store stuff in pszBuf

And you end up with a nice CString ready to use.

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From: Tom Serface on
I beginning to agree with you... :o)


"Mihai N." <nmihai_year_2000(a)> wrote in message
>> I think that Tom was mislead by this documentation (if I read 'cb'
>> prefix, I think of sizeof(), too, like Tom did; instead, if I read 'cch'
>> prefix, I think about _countof()).
> See, the safest way to not be mislead by the documentation is to not
> read it at all (like me :-)