From: Robbie Doo on
Allen, this really worked well. However, when you list the values in Column
Headings propery it shows everything whether data is there or not. Is it
possible to make the columns disappear if data is null?

Also, how do you put the labels for column headings on the Main Report? I
cannot use the column heading labels that come with crosstab report because
they keep repeating for each data on the main report.

"Allen Browne" wrote:

> Open the subreport's query in design view.
> Open the properties box, making sure you look at the properties of the Query
> (not of a particular table or field.)
> List the valid values beside the Column Headings property.
> More info:
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> "KHogwood-Thompson" <KHogwoodThompson(a)> wrote in
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> >I have a report called "Balance Sheet" that is based on a crosstab query,
> > this is the main report and contains output from a query showing Fixed
> > Assets. I have another report based on a crosstab query showing Current
> > Assets.
> >
> > I need to put the "Current Assets" report in the "Balance Sheet" report as
> > a
> > subreport. If I do this and run the report I get the following error
> > message:
> >
> > "You can't use a pass-through query or a non-fixed -column crosstab query
> > as
> > a record source for a subform or report.
> >
> > Before you bind the subform or subreport to a crosstab query, set the
> > query's ColumnHeadings property."
> >
> > The two crosstab queries have the same column headings etc, just different
> > data.
> >
> > What do I need to do to rectify this?
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> > K Hogwood-Thompson