From: Head Hunter on
One of the users where I work is having a strange problem with his Outlook
2003 w/ Business Contact Manager. Some e-mails (not all) are coming in with
the "From" and Subject lines blank. But, where someone else here is cc'd on
it, the e-mail shows up fine in THEIR Outlook.

Now, some of the e-mails are garbage judging by what is there when they are
opened, but we got one today that is a Proof of Payment" (opened perfectly,
all information showing properly, just no "from" or subject). This email is
kind of important. If I check the persons e-mail using webmail, the e-mails
are fine. But they don't show up right in their Outlook.

Any ideas what could be causing this? The Outlook in completely up to date.
Although, he did get an error once that his Outlook and Word are different
versions, but they are both 2003, installed at the same time off the same

Thanks in advance.