From: Chris on
Could really use some help here. Our Exchange 2007 server has been up and
running for about 6 months now and we suddenly can't send any email to addresses. This popped up about 2 weeks ago - up until then we
could send to without a problem. We can send to all other
domains fine, and we can receive mail from

I've tested sending to the particular bellsouth emails from another domain
and that works; I've also checked the open relay databases and we don't seem
to be listed on any.

Anyone have any idea what's going on? We really need to start getting mail
through to this domain again.

Thanks in advance,
From: Oliver Moazzezi [MVP] on
Have you enabled SMTP protocol logging to see what the BellSouth SMTP
servers are actually saying when you are sending?

You should also be able to mimick this in a Telnet session.