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Hello, I'm using Access 2007 to create a report that list Hotel reservations
and the names of the people in the reservation as follows:
Name ResNum SingRm DblRm TripleRm
John Smith R234287 1
Gina Smith
'This space is accomplished with a blank ResNum Header.
Alan Nelson R235313 1 1
Janice Nelson
Robin Nelson

Rose Cohen R236218 2
Donna White

I have set the “Hide Duplicates” property on ResNum, SingRm, DblRm and
TripleRm to Yes.
I tried to sum the SingRm using =Sum([singles_req]) but I got 7 instead of
3. The Sum is adding up the hidden duplicates. Is there a way to add up the
column without including the duplicates or changing the report format?
Any suggestions are always appreciated.