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ilirpuhiza <ilirpuhiza(a)> wrote:

>No, these tasks are not scheduled to run at the same time. This happens
>during work hours, around 3:30 pm (local time GMT +01:00). All the scheduled
>tasks are scheduled to run out of working hours. I even canceled Automatic
>Updates - I am doing manually. What are other processes that require so high
>memory and hard disc activity? When I monitor Processes in the Task Manager,
>there is no high Processor usage, neither the known services are consuming
>lot of memroy, on the contrary, after this ends, available memory is higher
>then before. And there are no viruses or any worms detected by Norton
>Antivirus Corporate 10.0 installed.

If the available memory is a lot greater after one of these events
then I'd guess that the Exchange dynamic buffer allocation is being
asked to give up memory to some other process, and that it's the other
process that's acting up.

You can run perfmon in logging mode and record memory use, cpu
consumption, and disk activity every 15 seconds (or every 5 seconds).
After the event happens, stop the logging and examine the recorded
information to find the problem.

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