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Elmo wrote:
> effdee wrote:
>> Elmo wrote:
>>> effdee wrote:
>>>> I have a clicking sound which I can't stop, I have gone through all the
>>>> System sounds from Control Panel and done the test for every sound and
>>>> it isn't there.
>>>> I've even tried turning off all sounds, but it still keeps on clicking!
>>>> It's driving me nuts!
>>> That's usually the "Windows XP Start.wav" file which is sometimes
>>> attached to the "Windows Explorer", "Start Program" event. Other
>>> running programs can have their own similar sounds, and they won't
>>> necessarily be shown in the Sounds control panel, if they're not registered.
>>> If you can't find the offending sound event, try searching for all .wav
>>> sounds and see if any are in specific program folders; listen to the
>>> sounds, delete any that fit the bill.
>> TY...
>> The culprit turned out to be "Windows XP Start.wav"
>> Any idea what could be causing it to be triggered about every 5 seconds?
>> It would happen for no apparent reason!
> Run REGEDIT, press the Home key. press F3, and search for "start.wav".
> Where it's embedded might show what program assigned it. Press F3 to
> continue the search.
> Do the same thing for "Start Program" to see if that event is assigned
> in any programs.

I did a virus/trojan scan and found three trojans, cleaned them up and
the clicking has stopped.

The lesson to me is, if something strange starts happening, do a scan.

thanks for the help....