From: Greatest Mining Pioneer of Australia of all Times on
Re-dispatching of present document after correcting date of writing.
Microfilms transcripts & related documents leaving to reach you on the
27th current

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Australia Mining Pioneer
Discoverer & Legal Owner of Telfer Mine (Australia largest Copper &
Gold Mine),
Nifty (Cu) & Kintyre (U, Th) Mines, all in the Great Sandy Desert
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Founder of the True Geology
West Australia Premier
The Right Hon Colin Barnett
6000 Perth WA

Your ref: My letters of 14th Oct 2009 & 14th January 2010
My ref: Your letter dated 16th Dec 2009 & 26th March 2010
Letter from R. May, your Deputy Chief of Staff dated 9th March 2010

Copy to present Newmont & Newcrest Mining Criminals.
to the Tyrwhitt puke care of Chief Rabbi Joseph Gutnick, President of
to Mr Bob Sheppard, former President of APLA, to Dr Don Findlay (PhD

La Rochelle 17th May 2010

Dear Mr Burnett,

My letter of the 14th of May intended to finalize that affair by
providing to you documentation, not as yet disclosed, was supposed to
leave at the said date.

Due to unforeseen circumstances it shall be delayed, and will leave
only tomorrow in a 1 kg parcel with included draw out of most relevant
documents from my Telfer Mine Archives & a cd which I have burned with
the complete Day Dawn & Narla data microfilms till their respective &
fraudulent liquidations, but converted in more easily accessible jpeg
files. It will reach you probably on the 27th since it takes roughly
10 days, according to the Post Office, for transport.

That letter starts with the statement:
I am not the Discoverer of Telfer Mine !

I am the Discoverer of Telfer Copper/Gold Mine, Kintyre Uranium mine &
Nifty Copper Mine, all discovered by myself in the Great Sandy Desert
of Australia in October 1970, etc
… and none of the pukes who claimed discovery of any of those, carried
out any exploration at all. Further none had idea, as can easily be
established, of the existence of the other two, besides the one on
which the lay their criminal & fraudulent claim as discoverer. This
includes Tyrwhitt, Thomson, Koehn, Searls, Borner for Telfer, Atkinson
for Kintyre, but with the exception of Barr, whom I led to both Telfer
& Nifty. (Barr later calling it Nifty, for unknown reason)

3 appendix will be included.

1. A very closely & sustained demonstration will be provided based on
the 1998 document by the West Australia Geological Survey & sent by
the Minister for Mines of the time, the Hon Norman Moore, to Mr Les
Lowe & JG Estiot ( your ref 30920). It will show how the WAGS has been
acting in fact as the Mining Criminals' mole all along,
systematically twisting, downplaying, lying, misrepresenting Australia
Mining Pioneer Turcaud in what was called "Jean-Paul Turcaud and the
Discovery of Telfer Mine. I have learnt since, that I am considered as
"The Turcaud Nonsense" by the present Director of the West Australia
Geological Survey, Rick Rogerson.

2. A complete list of the Day Dawn shareholders, including a large
insurance company based in Sydney, who have been rolled in the flour
by the Mining Criminals in a very subtle, clever scheme master-minded
by both the CEO of Newmont Tyrwhitt & the President of Newmont Searls.
The Narla shareholders are of course the present Boral shareholders.
The aim of that Machiavellian operation was besides shunting off the
Mining Explorer Turcaud of all credit & due 1% free-carried interest
(a great saving after all that time), was fleecing the Day Dawn &
Narla Shareholders of the ownership of Telfer Mine, gain all credit,
fame, benefit, social recognition, financial reward etc for the stolen
mining property, obtained by Deceit indeed, while pushing the brave
Mining Pioneer to the gutter and finally out of the country. The
demonstration of the amount paid out underhand to the Boral Directors
to scuttle their company will not be provided though, but it should be
on the CIB files, since this from such contacts that the Hon T.D
Evans was informed, as he told me in confidence, that some 5 millions
had been paid to the said Boral Directors on NZ bank account. This
incidentally was one of the reasons why that Royal Inquiry by same was
required into the Telfer Mine Swindle. The ensuing wealth of such
Boral Directors, whose names appear clearly on Narla records, will be
confirmation of a source of richness un-accounted for indeed & not
fiscally resolved. Besides, the main actors of the swindle are still
around : Tyrwitt for sure, Searls not certain. In any case Tyrwhitt
can explain everything in details since quite sound in mind & body as
holding many positions on Mining Companies ' Directorship.

3. A parallel with comment being established between Newmont President
Searls 'letter of February 22, 1978, sent to Mr Ian Jones, Secretary
of the A.W.U, Telfer Branch, where on the "Summary of the Turcaud-
Parallel Range dispute" n°4 Searls says :

Quote: Dr Tyrwhitt in company of Thomson, made the first visit to the
area by a Newmont employee in April 1972. At the time, Tyrwhitt
confirmed, the stratigraphic controls of mineralisation and took
samples, which subsequently indicated significant gold mineralisation
While on Narla report of the Directors of 1972 can be read:
Quote: Paterson Range A group of 21 claims were pegged on an anomalous
zone in the Paterson Range situated approximately 100 miles south east
of Marble Bar. Subsequent to 30th of June, 1972, eight percussion
holes totalling 1,035 feet and four costeans were developed. Assay
results showed that surface mineralisation did not persist below the
surface. As there was no indication of an economic prospect Narla
withdrew from further involvement in the exploration programme.
Of course no mention to Jones is made by Searls of both the Koehn
report & the Narla smoke-screen company… as for the Day Dawn
shareholders they should be pleased in learning that they were
compensated for their exploration cost, that is 2 days field trip by
Koehn to & fro Telfer Mine Dome following data provided to Day Dawn &
Thomson by my consultants Berven & Schiller. Extremely interesting
information in that letter by Searls, as proof of the most vicious
way Newmont / Newcrest has been twisting History, and still do now.

Of course the documents mentioned + additional information will be
provided to you in the coming letter in both form, but will not be
sent to the Mining Criminals, nor to the Tyrwhitt puke. The conclusive
demonstration will be that Crime pays, since we are now close to 40
years after the facts , and recognition in fact has been granted all
along to all but to Turcaud, and this is indeed the aim pursued by the
WAGS to this day. Hence in fact none of that recognition is available
anymore has having been all dilapidated. Further if such is
forthcoming after a generation long deny of Justice, while not paired
with legal constraint upon the Mining Criminals to return stolen
property, stemming from the demand of a Royal Inquiry into the Telfer
Mine Swindle required by shadow Attorney Gal Evans to the WA
Parliament, then it will be considered by myself as an additional
mockery &, hence rejected as such.

Indeed Newmont / Newcrest are Receiver of Stolen Goods obtained by
Deceit, whatever the angle you look at it.Their continuous &
successive attempts over the years to deny, refute & vilify the
Greatest Australia Mining Pioneer of All Times, Turcaud, have been
completely successful, and this is only recently that only you as
Premier have had that exceptional level of moral conscience directing
your scrutiny into that affair. All previous Governments although
provided with the Hansard demand & a lot of information by myself & my
lawyers: James Mazza, Picton-Warlow Q.C have chosen to consider that
it was proper ignore the merit & the sacrifices of Turcaud of which
all in the State of WA & in the whole of Australia have profited for a
full generation now. Deny of Justice by Court Junior, Lawrence,
Gallop, Carpenter etc has been the norm alongside what was presented
as Political Correctness.

May be this will True History of Mining will finally come to a just
conclusion, although in all cases having turned 70 now, it is far too
late! In less than six month time I will celebrate in all cases my
discovery of 3 mines & the writing of a new town on the map of

Yours faithfully

Jean-Paul Turcaud
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