From: Noel Jones on
On 7/14/2010 1:02 PM, Theodore Durst wrote:
> I think I have a configuration issue, but it looks like a strange one
> on this end. Before going line by line, I thought I would throw this out
> to the list.
> I am attempting to set up postfix (send only) with TLS support. TLS was
> compiled in and postfix does run, it does send mail in the clear.
> However, we need it to send via TLS. I am wondering if there is a line
> in that tells postfix to advertis/offer TLS authentication that
> is not set. Is there a command to ask postfix if TLS is running?

The sending site doesn't offer/advertise TLS; only the
receiving site can do that.

Your sending site won't initiate TLS if the receiver doesn't
offer it. Also note that some network security devices,
notably PIX, will interfere with TLS and other SMTP features.

If the command
# postconf smtp_tls_security_level
shows anything other than "unknown parameter", then TLS
support is compiled into postfix.

> Like I said above, this sounds like something is amiss with one of the
> config files, but I am not sure where to look.
> Any hints?

Here's the docs for enabling TLS while sending mail:

-- Noel Jones