From: Johnny Persson on

we are doing some table-lookup transformations based on LEFT and INNER
joins. Probably around 100 - 50K rows/second or something like that. I
have noticed that the lookups are getting slower and slower due to a
growing database.

The server itself is heavily loaded, CPU and IO-subsystem - which I know
is not a good combination with SQL server :|

I am looking for a way to increase the table-lookup transformation speed
without mixing up things with SSIS..

Are there any good ways of doing table-lookup transformations within SQL
server? Would it be a good idea to write some lookup module in C# which
itself loads the lookup tables totally into memory (on startup) and
performs the lookups itself?

I am grasping at straws here so please help me out :) Ideas, articles,
anything that will help me...


Best regards,