From: Jake Schwartz on

The four PPC CD disks, containing 4 decades of HP calculator materials
from various user groups, have been combined into a single DVD disk
for more ease of use. Everything remains in pdf format and once
entered, the user may navigate anywhere in the material from within
the Acrobat environment. The DVD also incorporates an updated PPC CD
#3 with the British Handheld and Portable Computer Club's Datafile
Issues extended to a 27th year to 2008.
For those who recently purchased the four individual disks, the
updated HPCC Datafile material is still available separately as PPC CD
#3. As always, for each copy of either item purchased, $5.00 is sent
to the HPCC group to support their continued activities, with $725.00
generated for them so far.

For additional information on obtaining these, check

Jake Schwartz

P.S. - See you at the HHC2010 conference on Sept 25-26th, location to
be announced.