From: Ken Ashton on

Can anyone tell me if there is defining fix for the -

Object Moved
This object may be found here.

error message. Like so many others I have only experienced the
problem since upgrading from XP XP2 IE6 to (Grrr) XP SP3 IE8 on my
travelling HP/Compaq 6720S development workhorse.

I really don't want to have to write the alternative redirect code
into all the pages of all my sites (which doesn't cure the problem in
every case anyway).

Its astounding that given the basic function of a browser is to
download the entered URL, and it can't, you would think MS would feel
compelled to come out with a fix within hours. Yet there still seem to
be so many people without a solution to the problem. I have tried
suggested overwriting of certain sp3 dll's with sp2 dll's and everyt
other offer I can find on the net, but nothing seems to completely
eradicate the problem.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can spare their time to offer any
other potential solution.


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