From: Milosz Skalecki [MCAD] on
Hi Dorrit gaian,

Good to hear you solved the problem. In case you have any issues in future,
use Reflector ( to investigate the code


"Dorrit" wrote:

> Hi again,
> I have implemented the following workaround: I export the report not
> to http resonse (this kills the thread and throws the exception - no
> chance) but to disk. I then open a new browser window with java script
> and navigate to an aspx page. I give the filename of the exported file
> and the content type corresponding to the export format to the page.
> In the Load event of the aspx page I load the exported file into the
> page. In the Unload event I delete the exported file from disk.
> This is not a very nice but working solution.
> Dorrit
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