From: rr76012 on
Following up on the suggestion, using your recommendation "
=IF(ISBLANK(Sammy!E11),"",Sammy!E11)", and I got an error message "Please
use the following format for entering time 12:00 AM". I have formatted both
cells for time.

Any suggestions why this error message is popping up?

Thanks for any help.

"bpeltzer" wrote:

> Instead of always picking up the value from the time sheet, first test for a
> blank input cell. That is, =IF(ISBLANK(Sammy!E11),"",Sammy!E11)
> "Helene" wrote:
> > I didn't see anything like this problem in the community questions. I
> > downloaded the "timecard with breaks" template from the MS site. The time-in
> > and time-out cells are formatted to hh:mm AM/PM. The contents show blank
> > until a time is entered.
> > I added a summary schedule worksheet where I formatted the time-in and
> > time-out cells also to hh:mm AM/PM. I point to each of these cells on the
> > different timecard sheets (ex Sammy!E11). When there is nothing in the
> > individual cells, the summary cells show 12:00 AM instead of blank. I don't
> > understand why this would be, and don't know how to fix it.
> > I appreciate any suggestions as to how to fix this.
> >
> > Thanks.
> > --
> > Helene