From: Bob Estes on
On 06/30/2010 04:14 PM, sharon wrote:
> Now the United State table is different is not the year 2010 month June the
> day 30, then Wednesday.
> It is the of June on the day 30, in the year of 2010. Now why the United
> States does this is beyond me. It is confusing to most who use the ISO
> International Standard. I more then likely am wrong but isn't open office a
> U.S. Company owned. There is the reason for the stand that Open Office uses.
> It is a U.S. A. Standard.
> So Open Office why not have both standards let those use the one they want
> to use themselves. Have some one write up the little file to let us users
> make the choice they want. I would like to have the
> International Standard ISO 8601 which most countries use including Canada.
I believe that OO.O stores the date/time as a number which allows
various types of manipulation. (i.e. days between dates, etc.) The user
can choose how this number is displayed by using the format command. I
think the default time display is set by the default language setting
under Tools/Options.

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