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Windows 7 is great buy. "It’s every feature is awe-inspiring," you
have just read or heard this but cannot actually enjoy cool traits of
the operating system, as an unawareness regarding latest functions is
not letting you enjoy it, the way you want to.
Now check cool tricks and tips, which would let you enjoy the best of
Windows 7.
1. Keyboard Shortcuts - For a speedy deal while working on Windows 7,
you can use following shortcuts.
• Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow respectively dock the window to
the left and right side of the screen
• Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow respectively for maximizing and
• Win+M minimizes everything
• Alt+Up, Alt+Left Arrow, Alt+Right Arrow navigate to parent folder,
or browse Back and Forward through folders in Explorer
• Win+Home minimizes/restores every open window apart from the active
• Alt+Win+# accesses the Jump List of program number '#' on the

2. Rearranging of System Tray Icons - To make use of Window 7 a
delighting experience, you can rearrange icons on the taskbar as per
your requirement and can start new by using Win+1, Win+2 shortcuts. It
will rearrange every icon on the system tray as well as help you in
reordering them. This also offers you a complete control of used apps.
3. Access Jump Lists with the Left Mouse Button - Jump Lists are
usually shown up with a right-click on a taskbar icon. Nonetheless,
you can access them also by holding the left mouse button and dragging
them in upward direction. If you are using a laptop touchpad or a
touch screen, you can find this a convenient deal.
4. adding of Folders to Favorites - Windows 7 offers you the facility
of adding folders to your favorite list. To add a folder in this list,
you need to, navigate to it in Explorer, right-click Favorites in the
left navigation pane, and select Add current location to Favorites.
Now you can access your favorite folder with rapidity.
5. Pin Frequently Used Folders to the Taskbar - Truly, Windows 7 is a
feature packed deal. Its qualities not only help you in adding folders
to favorites but also in adding it to task bar.
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