From: Daedalus on
Hi all

I'm making a training-db, where I have trainings (courses), which each can
have 1 to n sessions. Management can indicate which course a person has to
take, after which each person can subscribe to a session of these courses.
Tables are:
- Persons
- Courses
- CourseSessions
- Persons/Courses
- Persons/Sessions

And on a subscription-form I have :
- subform 1 : persons
- subform 2 : courses the current person has to follow
- subform 3 : sessions of the current course

This works fine, but now I'd like to add a checkbox to each row in the
'sessions of the current course' in order to allow a person to
I suppose the on/off of the checkbox will result in the creation/deletion of
a row in table 'Persons/Session'.
Is this correct, and if so, how can I do this ? Or is there an other
(simpler?) way to do this ?
Btw, I'm using XP and Access 2003

Many tanx in advance !