From: sawyer on
Hello all

I am running Exchange 2007 sp2. I have two HT servers and they are stand
alone servers no other roles on the two boxes. I am trying to configure a
transport rule on the HT servers that sends a copy of a NDR to another
internal mailbox. My rule is as follows

Apply rule to messages: sent to Joeuser
and when the subject field or the body of the message contains specific
words Delivery Delayed: KTG Quote Request or Undeliverable: KTG Quote
Request or Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
Copy the message to: user1

This rule works when I send a test message internally with the specified
words in the subject or body. It also works for external emails that contain
those words. However for messages generated internally and sent locally via
the Microsoft Exchange email address I.e
(MicrosoftExchange329e71ec88ae4615bbc36ab6ce41109e(a) the
transport rules do not appear to be applied.

Is the local Microsoft exchange sender excluded from the HT rules?
Are there any other ways to achieve the desired results?

Many thanks