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Possible, but I wouldn't recommend it given the excellent

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>Linq Adams via wrote:
>>"From a continuous pop up form B...i want to select some records (unbound
>>check box) and populate"
>>isn't possible. If the checkbox you want to use to designate selected records
>>in Form B is UNBOUND, the when you tick one checkbox in one record, all
>>checkboxes in all records will be ticked! That's the way unbound controls
>>work in Continuous (and Datasheet) forms. If you only want the checkboxes in
>>certain records to be ticked they'll have to be bound to the record n the
>>underlying table. .
>Actually, it is possible by using an unbound check box and a
>little code. See Albert's Multi Select Example at
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> The link Arvin gave you may help you reach your goal, although doing this
> violates the concept of "atomic" data, i.e. one piece and only one piece
> of
> data per field, but you need to understand that

It does if you're saving the records, instead of just returning and
displaying them. Since there wasn't any reason given , I assumed that the
data was to be displayed. There isn't any reason to store the same data
multiple times anyway.
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