From: Gualtier Malde on
I am using Media Player 11 in an ASUS notebook and an external LcCie DVD/CD
burner/player. All day yesterday I ripped one CD after another until at one
point I put in Disk 2 of a set and it spit it back out. When I went in to watch
what was going on there was a window that said that one or more tracks couldn't
be ripped.

I used Disk Dr. on the disk, Staples drive cleaner, and even tried other disks
and got the same message each time. I uninstalled and re-installed and did that
chkdsk thing on the C:drive... nothing works. Plugged the external drive into
my W2000 Sager and it worked fine.

I am out of ideas. Does anyone have some insight into what I can do now?

Thank you,