From: Ryan Bass Ryan on
I am trying to install IIS on my Windows XP Pro SP2 machine, but everytime it
will error on me. It will say "examining installed files" and then "copying
files" and then it will go for approximately ten secondes and then error.
The error message is "File copy operations were cancelled. Setup cannot

Any ideas?

From: Plamen on

Nobody will help you.
Becouse Micorosft are bad.
I have installed iis6 and when i try to open php it give

HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the
requested resource.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

HTTP Error 401.5 - Unauthorized: Authorization failed by an ISAPI/CGI
Internet Information Services (IIS)
did you see Microsoft,are bad.
This problems are from 2004 and again are coming.

They only can give you information what is that,but they can't give you

That is it for now.


From: Plamen on

You work in Microsoft,why don't you stand up from your chair and ask
them,this is for public,this is not for employers.

There have a peoples that are desperate in problems with Microsoft,IIS 6 and
etc.That you make.
And when you stand from your chair tell on you friend from Microsoft to put
some patch to repair IIS 6,if i can i will install Apache 2 but i can't
becouse,sp2 Windows 2003 when apache is running it go 100 % cpu,and the
apache is not working.

- Cents for Microsoft.

Installing and bugs.

That is it for now.