From: Preston on
Hi All,
I was wondering if I could ask a question. I have an issue that is recurring
with access 2007. I have a split form that has a subform on it and I am using
VBA in a control's “beforeupdate” event to catch duplicate primary key
entries. If I find one then I use the me.undo command and set the form's
recordset bookmark to the recordsetclone bookmark where the record was found.
The code runs with no errors and if this entry is done on the “form” portion
of the form then all is well and no errors. If this is done on the datasheet
portion then I invariably get an exclamation box from access telling me
either “no current record” or “property not found”. This pops up after the
code is executed and does not cause an error in the VBA code block that I am
running. Is this an unknown or known bug in access?
Thank you for any help you can give,