From: Tobias Bundy on
Hi Everyone,

I know that this questions has been asked a lot of times before, but so far,
reading forums and deployment guide did not slve the problem for me.

I have an Exchange 2010 running on Windows Server 2008 R2, which also serves
as domain controller and global catalog. Since the workforce is very
dispersed, they use there own laptops, that are no members of the Exchange
server'a Active Directory domain.
Outlook 2007 was configured without using the Autdiscover function, so I
guessed that the difficulties usually conetcetd with OF and OAB would not
concern me. Looks I was wrong.

When trying to set up an out-of-office reply Outlook shows me an error
message, that the servers is not responding, and in concerning the OAB I
keep getting the error, that no server (URL) could be found wth error code

I already copied the exchange server's self signed certificate (there is no
CA running in the AD) on the clients' trusted root CA store to get rid of
certificate errors when accessing OWA, but the afore mentioned problems

Could anybody give me a hint n what to do in this case?