From: Bob Smedley on
Trying to use CDO to send mail from a classic ASP page running on Win Small
Business Server 2008 (with IIS 7.0 and Exchange 2007 on the same box). I get
the following error

006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~8002801d

from the following code

set oMail = server.createobject("CDO.Message")
if err <> 0 then
response.write err.number & " - " & err.description
end if

The script is running under the IUSR_Machine account (determined by printing
request.servervariables("LOGON_USER") and gtting back a blank).

I can see the CDO objects in the registry so it is registered. The CLSID
entry for the CDO.MEssage class is:

@="CDOMessage Class"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\CDO\\CDOEX.DLL"




the permissions on the object are:
Restricted - Read
System - Full Control
Administrators - Full Control
my_user_name - Full Control
and all are inherited..

I have a feeling this is a permissions issue but I'm sort of lost.
Suggestions would be most appreciated.