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>Considerate? Being Inconsiderate is what the government does for a living.
>Additionally, what you said above is *your* opinion -- as *you*
>presented in a public forum. Who's opinion is more appropriate for
>this list is subject to debate.
>As for me, I'll say whatever I want as the topic permits. If you
>will review this thread you will see that I was offering my code
>free to everyone except government. That's not an opinion but rather
>a statement of requirement for the code I'm providing. My second
>post to this thread contained the reason WHY the requirement.
>If you don't like my requirements, and reasons for them, then please
>forward my postings to the trash and don't use my code.
>It appears as though I struck a wrong chord. I honestly did not mean
>to upset you. :) My point was that we should not be overtly
>confrontational towards one another, but it seems that only
>exacerbated the situation. My sincerest apologies.


Don't worry -- I forgot about what was said already.

Granted, I am passionate about the government, but that's because I
think it's important and I see it headed in the wrong direction. Much
like witnessing a child running into the street, while others sit
back and don't raise alarm because they might be accused of being
politically incorrect, I see there's more at risk here than that.



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