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well if you ran one care before
without any issues,

then how can you blame it
this time?

incidentally, one care makes
a restore point.

perhaps you should go into
safe mode and execute it.
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"deejay" <deejay(a)> wrote in message
> I ran two of the three Windows Live One Care Scans...
> 1. Clean Up-get rid of unwanted stuff that might be slowing down your
> computer
> 2. Tune Up-defrag check, and do if needed (was not needed) might be more
> to
> this one
> I've run these scans previously with no problems. I ran them tonight and
> restarted my computer. When I restarted, had messages regarding Windows
> not
> knowing which program to use to open something (I forget exactly how that
> message is gives you the option to check the internet to find
> the
> program or to browse)
> I ignored the first message...thought it was a fluke
> I ignored the second message...kind of
> Third message...couldn't ignore. With that one, I decided to browse and
> choose the program. The message was about my back-up program, so I chose
> the
> corresponding "Mozy" to go with it. Everyone familiar with Mozy? Online
> back-up program.
> Thought everything was good until I noticed that just about every shortcut
> now has the Mozy icon with it....and goes to Mozy and not the correct
> program. First thought was to do a system restore but that goes to Mozy,
> too!
> Next, I went to control panel, folder options, folder types, LNK, hit open
> and noticed that there was a check mark next to "Always use the selected
> program to open this kind of file" I unchecked it but no help.
> There's also a message stating to change settings that affect all link
> files, click advanced. But, I do not know what to change it to?
> Can anybody help?
> PS. I downloaded and ran another scan in the meantime (Uniblue-first one
> to
> appear when looking for info on LNK file). I have 464 Reg. Errors
> Thank You.

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