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No you have iLink aka firewire. See page 62 of your manual. If you've lost
it you can get a new one at the Panasonic website at:
Cari (MS-MVP)
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"RG" <goodman(a)> wrote in message
> zibby wrote:
>> Get few things straight up.
>> On every DV camcorders you use FIREWIRE port to transfer video/audio
> between
>> computer and camera.
>> USB port is used for digital camera built in (still pictures) that
> are saved
>> on memory stick, flash card or whatever you camcorder supports.
> That may be true for newer models but I have a Panasonic PV-DV 201 and
> it's USB only, even for video. There is no included firewire cable,
> nor is there any mention of the word firewire in its manual. The
> drivers included on a CD are for USB.
> I'm having a similar problem to the original poster. The camera works
> fine on an old and very slow PC, but I'm not having any luck installing
> printer driver on a brand new PC.
> Did the original poster ever solve his problems? If so I'd like to
> know about it.
> RG